Collectable fruit harvested in southern Chile by indigenous communities and selected by Buenalimento complying with all quality standards.

Buenalimento offers a bulk sale of this native and natural product to the domestic market. Pine nut or pinion is an edible seed rich in energy with the all necessary nutrients.

Pine nut is the seed of Araucaria (Araucaria araucana), and it comes from the fruit called Piñata or Piñatra, which is a cone or dry strobilus. This pinion or “pehuén” is collected and selected to Buenalimento by indigenous communities in the Andes mountain range, between the XIII and IX Region. This, in an agreement which has existed for several years, and where it should be noted that the interesting sales volumes enable that Buenalimento’s management determines it to be a main source of income for these communities.

Starch, contained by this product, produces energy for metabolic processes, and dietary fiber is important for the functioning of the digestive system and prevention of heart and intestinal diseases. It is 85% starch, has a high percentage of calcium and iron, very interesting for diet. In addition, much of this starch is what is called “resistant starch”, which is a fiber that passes quickly through the digestive tract and so does not make you gain weight, which makes it awesome for diets. Finally we can emphasize that the pinion is a dietetic food with high nutritional value and fewer calories than almonds or cashews.