Cru-Chips Snacks de Carne

Tasty chicken and beef flakes, seasoned in garlic or merkén (smoke chilli pepper). It is an own elaboration product, under the highest standards of quality and refinement of national gourmet.

Cruchips are dried crispy flakes of meat, similar to chips.

It is an innovative snack type food product of animal origin, with the characteristics of current consumer trends. It’s healthy, nutritious, with high protein value, tasty and directed to a demanding consumer.

This product can be defined as a protein food on a massive scale, mainly oriented to aware sectors of the population seeking for healthy and tasty food in the form of a crunchy, salty and flavoured snack. Expressed as dried crispy fakes of beef or poultry and garlic or merkén flavoured, it is prepared and elaborated ​​from beef and chicken breast meat which are also denervated and defatted, obtaining a healthy food in every aspect, making it compete with different types of snack on the market and carrying a wide lead.