Hazelnuts are native collectable fruit. With an origin of consume in the indigenous Mapuche population in Chile, it has several nutritional characteristics that make it highly recommended.

It is the dried fruit from the hazel tree, similar to walnut but six times smaller than that. It can be consumed raw or cooked. It is one of the main ingredients of spreading cream, like Nutella, Nocilla and so on.

The hazel tree (Gevuina Mol hazel) is an evergreen tree native to Chile and Argentina, which belong to a Gevuina genus of the Proteaceae family. In Chile, it can be found between the VII and XI Regions. This species integrates the native forests of the Andes and Costa mountain ranges, providing us the hazelnut, a little and round fruit.


100% free of cholesterol, and 100% natural. Five thousand pieces of hazelnut butter given away in Chilean airlines, and two thousand energy bars supplied to high-performance local athletes are part of the strategy for the introduction of this traditional but yet unknown product in the market.