About Us

We are a company that has gradually adjusted to the wants and needs of our customers, offering them high-quality products and satisfying their demands. Since the beginning of the 1990s, innovation and quality have been our motto. We were the first to guarantee, under a brand name, natural products such as cochayuyo. As we grew as a company, our commitment to society increased; this is why we wanted to give an opportunity especially to women to work with us and, as a main aim, to process our products. At the same time, they enrich our work environment and strengthen our company with their charisma and their excellent willingness and proactivity.

Our Quality

We are also supported by distinguished academics from renowned universities, which have helped us to develop innocuous, homogeneous, and especially healthy new products. In terms of quality standards, it is important to highlight the fact that since 2006 we have been developing a management system to guarantee our best quality certified by prestigious international entities and by the Instituto Nacional de Normalización (INN). Besides, we implement HACCP and ISO 9000 norms and procedures to assure the excellence of our products. Our labor and professionalism have allowed us to incorporate our products in the strictest national supermarkets. In addition, we have successfully achieved the exportation to the European market of our flagship product, cochayuyo, and have had good results. Public and private institutions have recognized the effort of our company and the excellent quality of our products. Finally, we owe all our success to the support, the preference, and the suggestions of our customers.